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Emergency Phone Charger From Old Cordless Drill!

Emergency Phone Charger From Old Cordless Drill!!Emergency Phone Charger From Old Cordless Drill!
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Here’s another astonishing video from the legendary Grant Thompson, the “King of Random”. It demonstrates how a simple device with a motor (such as a cordless drill) can be used “in reverse” as a generator to convert motion into electrical power. If you had no other way to charge your phone in an emergency, this would do the job! This idea would make a great science project too – or how about connecting a small generator to an exercise bike to make use of all that hard work!

For me, the best thing about this short video is that it shows just how easy it is to make your own electricity at home. There are a lot of uses for a small generator like this one – it can charge batteries and power lights or small electrical appliances. There are some risks involved as the power output needs to be within the correct range for any small device and overloading could cause damage to your phone or other device. The risk can be avoided by working out the current and voltage required and measuring the output of your generator at a different rate of rotation – ideally a regulator should be used – I would certainly recommend using a multimeter to check the levels before connecting anything up!

The same principle forms the basis of some forms of alternative energy production, such as wind power and hydroelectricity. In these systems, a generator is attached to a turbine that is rotated by wind or running water. A regulator would be helpful to ensure a safe and consistent supply of power and batteries can be used to store the power for later use. We also found an inspiring story of someone who has made a huge reduction to his electricity bill with a small investment – it pays to do some research into existing projects like this to pick up tips and avoid mistakes:

Before taking on a project to generate your own electricity, you’ll need to check if you have a suitable location and enough wind or water to make it worthwhile – there are legal limits on the size of your construction and if you use hydro power a licence is needed to extract water. You’ll find some useful guidelines here and here –

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All of the parts you need for a simple home made generator like this are readily available and the internet is packed with guides to help with every step of the building process. If you’re keen to take steps towards an off-grid lifestyle and want to know more about tapping into a free, sustainable source of power, try these sites for some advice and construction ideas:—heres-what-you-need-to-know-make-your-own-electricity

Okay, here is the video: