Solar-Powered Refrigeration (Amazing Tutorial!)

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Solar-Powered Refrigeration (Amazing Tutorial!)
Solar-Powered Refrigeration (Amazing Tutorial!) Photo –

We found an in-depth article about solar powered refrigeration that will give you plenty of guidance and information to choose the right unit for your situation – the solar fridge is perfect for remote locations, RV’s and boats, or to use as a back up in power outages, which could save large amounts of food from spoiling. Hospitals often store medicines and vaccines in solar powered units to benefit from the safety of uninterrupted power. Jeff Yago shares his experience freely, includes links to solar fridge manufacturers and gives some great tips about charge controllers too!

The first refrigerating machine was invented in 1755 but they have only been in use in households for the last 100 years. The basic principle that makes them work is called “vapor compression”, using a contained cycle of compression and evaporation. As a liquid enters a low pressure environment it evaporates and draws heat from the surrounding area (to be circulated within the fridge) and then a compressor is used to compress the vapour into a liquid, giving off heat (outside the fridge).

Off-grid refrigeration is a challenge – an ordinary household fridge has a high power usage (300 – 500 watts) so you would need to look for a unit designed specifically for a 12 volt application to avoid having both a large solar array and battery bank.

Solar fridge technology is developing slowly – reliance on 12v batteries is standard but it’s very important to choose a model that has very good insulation and an efficient cooling system. Deep-cycle batteries are expensive but can withstand regular discharging and will last much longer than other types but it’s best to keep them more than half charged for the longest life.

Most solar fridges and freezers retail at between $600 and $3,000 – there is now quite a wide range available and the prices have reduced slightly over the last 10 years due to increased popularity. Jeff has a website with his company’s choice of current models and favours the Sundanzer for their good build quality and efficiency (they have developed from NASA technology for the International Space Station!).

I also like the idea of a water cooled fridge using a simple heat exchanger as a DIY project – of course this is only an option if you live somewhere with running water! Water could be piped in and would provide substantial cooling, which could be topped up with solar power to provide the correct temperature to store food safely. To find out more, the importance of insulation and some novel ideas for modifying your appliance to improve its efficiency, please check out the links below.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial:

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