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How To Make a 3 Penny Battery!

How To Make a 3 Penny Battery!How To Make a 3 Penny Battery!
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In this short but fascinating video “The King of Random” (Grant Thompson) shows us how to make a small battery from really basic materials! It works well enough that it can be used to power an LED light or a calculator! This is one neat trick that anyone can try at home. A battery can be made in the same way with more pennies, which will increase the voltage, so it’s possible to use this simple idea for all sorts of devices. It could even help you out if you’re looking for inspiration for a science project!

There are two methods to try here – the second avoids using power tools so it can be done anywhere, in true off-grid fashion! 😉

All you need are some zinc washers, pennies, tape, cardboard, vinegar – it doesn’t sound very promising so far but very little skill is involved and it works really well! In fact, within a few minutes you will have a small battery that can power an LED for 17 continuous days!

UK pennies are made from copper as well – with a steel core since 1991 – so these would work just as well as the US variety for making your own battery.

The method used here is based on the very first “official” battery ever made – the “Voltaic Pile”, invented by Alessandro Volta over 200 years ago! Copper and Zinc discs were stacked in alternating pairs with felt or cardboard discs in between that were soaked in salt water – the video shows us that vinegar works just as well as an electrolyte.

I say “official” because there are legends and documents which allude to the fact that batteries might have been used in ancient times. These are controversial and disputed by scholars, but make fascinating reading:

There are lots of other simple ways to make electricity at home – we found a site with lots more information about the science behind batteries and clear instructions on how to make all kinds of battery cells easily at home, including one that uses a glass of coke! Here’s the science part: A battery cell works when it is connected through a device (such as a light bulb) because the zinc electrode gradually dissolves (and produces positively charged ions) in the liquid electrolyte – a balancing negative charge flows through the wire to the copper electrode at the other end of the battery, giving electrical power to the device it passes through on its way there. Hydrogen gas is also produced at the surface of the copper disc. You can find out more about different types of common batteries and how they work here:

Okay, here is the video:

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