How To Grow Potatoes In Grow Bags, Pots, and Containers

How To Grow Potatoes In Grow Bags, Pots, & Containers
How To Grow Potatoes In Grow Bags, Pots, and Containers. Photo –

Short on gardening space? Consider learning how to grow potatoes in grow bags and other containers. Other benefits of this gardening technique include easier harvesting, protection from contamination / pests – and containers can be placed anywhere or even moved during the growing season. According to Patrick Dolan from OYR Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening, growing potatoes in containers and bags is as simple as it’s effective.

Potato Varieties: The process starts with identifying the ideal potato varieties for growing in containers. The general rule of thumb is to go for either fingerling potatoes (oblong-shaped) or early maturity varieties. Also, consider using certified and pesticide-free seed potatoes that are free from diseases.

Choosing a Container: The next step is picking out a suitable container to house the potatoes and growing medium. Anything works—including pots, fabric bags, or even buckets. The larger the container, the better – i.e., more room for the roots to spread and form tubers.

Growing Medium: Pour a lightweight, free-draining soil mix into the container. You can use a potting mix or a blend of compost, vermiculite, and peat moss. If the top inches feel dry, water the plants and allow the water to drain from the holes at the bottom. Potatoes thrive in temperatures of 16º Celsius (60ºF) and some sunlight.

Harvesting: Keep an eye for yellow flowers, which often signify that the potatoes are ready for harvest. For this step, you can simply dump the contents of the container and separate the potato tuber from the soil by hand. With containers, you also get to harvest all the potatoes very easily, with little-to-no scarring or cuts from sharp tools. The final step is to cure and prepare them for storage.

Note: Don’t expose growing tubers (the actual potato part of the plant) to sunlight as they may develop green areas, which are potentially toxic.

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How To Grow Potatoes In Grow Bags, Pots, & Containers
How To Grow Potatoes In Grow Bags, Pots, and Containers. Photos –

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