How To Grow And Harvest Carrots

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Carrots are very nutritious and they are fairly easy to grow in a garden. Growing and harvesting your own carrots is a great way to take advantage of their nutritional benefits and get the freshest carrots possible!

Carrots thrive in cooler climates so depending on your region, it may be best to plant them during early spring or late autumn. The ideal daytime temperature for carrots should be around 75ºF and night temperature should drop to 55ºF. In order to prepare the ground for growing carrots, the soil should be prepared with a rake. Rocks, large debris, roots and any trash should be removed, leaving a fine, even surface. Fine plant matter can be dug in because this can help enrich the soil. The quality of the soil is a very important factor in successfully growing carrots; it should be sandy, “light” and well drained. Heavy clay soils will slow the carrots growth and maturity.

Carrots need to be checked in order to harvest them at the wrong time. First things first – make a note of the date of planting. The seed packet will typically state how many days from sowing to harvest. Harvesting too early gives good quality carrots but reduces the overall yield. Leaving them too late leads to tougher, more fibrous carrots and eventually a less desirable flavour. Depending on the variety, the majority of carrot types are ready when they are 1/2 to 3/4 inch across at the top. To check how big your carrots have grown, remove a little dirt from the top to judge the width of the root, without pulling the carrot out of the ground. When harvesting, loosen the soil with a garden fork and gently pull the carrot from the ground. If the soil is not loosened it’s easy to just rip off the leaves and leave the carrot in the ground! Remove the tops to prevent moisture loss, rinse clean, and store in a refrigerator or cold cellar. Most varieties keep for several months in the fridge. You can “thin out” your carrot rows while they are still small, giving you a supply of delicious baby carrots prior to the main crop.

Carrots take longer to germinate than other vegetables so keep the soil moist after sowing. To reduce surface evaporation during the germination period, you could cover newly seeded soil with boards or old blankets for five to six days. Weeds can steal the nutrients in the soil so pull them out as soon as you see one growing.

With the video along with the tips above, growing your carrots won’t be hard even if you consider yourself as a newbie gardener.

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How To Grow And Harvest Carrots
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