How To Fix A Flat Tire

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Flat tires are no fun and there’s only so much you can do to prevent them. No matter how carefully you drive, you still have to deal with the hassle of a flat tire sooner or later. Thankfully, there are lots of products that promise to help fix our own tires to get us going again in no time. This video tutorial – from a mechanic with 47 years experience – shows how you can fix your flat tire using the Slime T-Handle Tire Plug Kit (Amazon link), currently priced at $9.09. A tire plug kit is a handy item to carry around so you can patch your tire long enough until you can get it permanently repaired – or replaced.

The kit comes with a rasp for expanding and cleaning up the puncture, rubber plugs for inserting into the tire, a tool for wedging the plugs into place and rubber cement for sealing up the hole. After locating the hole on your tire the rasp is used to increase the size of the hole so that the rubber plugs can be fitted. The plug is attached to the T-handle insert tool, which is used to push the plug into the hole. The T-handle tool is then gently pulled out, leaving the plug behind. Finally, any excess rubber is trimmed off with a blade.

The instructions at the back of the package are clear so you won’t have a problem following them and the whole patching process should just take you fifteen to twenty minutes.

Soapy water is a good test of whether a tire is leaking. It will make bubbles if there is even a small amount of air escaping.

Safety Note: Not every tire is repairable. This technique is typically only used for small holes. If the damage is too severe, or if the tire is badly worn, it’s not safe to use and it’s time for a new tire. If you are in doubt as to this, seek professional advice.

A Few Bonus Tips On Jacking Up Your Car

A vital – yet so often forgotten – item for your in-car emergency kit…? A 12″ x 12″ square of one-inch thick plywood. Why? Because if you need to jack the car up and you are on a slightly soft verge, the jack will not be able to lift the car as it will just sink in. Your plywood square will save the day. Even better if you attach some furring strips in a small “box” shape to fit your car jack, to make it non-slip. Be super careful when jacking up a car, especially with those mini-jacks that come in the trunk. They are notoriously unstable and you do not want the car falling off the jack. Always set the parking brake and put the car in park (or in gear with the engine off if you drive stick) before jacking up the car… “chock” the wheels also if you can, and if the car is on a slope or leaning on a soft verge, might be best to forget trying to jack it up and wait till pro help arrives. I speak from experience.

Tools And Tips For Reinflating Your Tire

You will of course need air for your tire. Did you know you can get a mini-compressor that works off the 12-v lighter socket? One of these saved the day for me one time… though note that they sometimes require more power than the lighter socket fuse is rated for. To avoid this problem, pick up a croc clip adaptor (Amazon link) and attaching direct to the battery. Here’s one that got pretty good amazon reviews, though note the fuse issues that some had: 12-v portable mini air compressor.

You also might want to scoop up a digital tire gauge (this is the top rated one on Amazon, currently priced at $14.99 and has some amazing added features) as the dial gauges on mini compressors are notoriously unreliable.

Ok, here’s the video tutorial:

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How To Fix A Flat Tire
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