How To Cook Fish On An Open Fire – 3 Methods

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How To Cook Fish On An Open Fire - 3 Methods
How To Cook Fish On An Open Fire – 3 Methods. Photo –

If you are in a survival situation, you’re going to need to eat soon enough… and though foraging for berries and nuts may provide you with a few of your needed daily calories, most of time, it is not usually enough – even if it is the right time of year.

Fishing is an important survival skill. Fish could provide at least one meal per day – but the majority of people are not skilled in catching and preparing fish from the wild. We’ve chosen a great video that shows different ways to cook fish on an open fire.

Tips For Catching Fish

Spear fishing is one of the ancient methods used for catching fish but it takes time, great patience and lots and lots of practice. Use a spear in shallow water where your catch is visible. Slowly move the spear as close as possible and when ready, quickly spear your catch.

Nets: You may have heard of drift nets but currently, this is not a legal method because it causes overfishing. It’s “too easy” to catch large amounts of fish andit does not discriminate between species, harming ocean life unnecessarily. If you are caught using a drift net under the current rules of law, you could end up in jail and with an extremely large fine.

To succeed at fishing, you need to know something about the behavior of the fish. The best time to catch fish is either just before dawn, or just after dusk, or when bad weather is imminent. Fishing in an area of clear water is risky because fish can both see and hear sounds above the water. That means anything shiny and metallic you’re wearing might reflect sunlight which will spook certain types of fish so learn to fish with stealth.

Keep an eye on the weather also because this has been proven to affect the behavior of fishes. Warm fronts increase ocean surface temperatures and this causes fish to feed more, which makes it a good time for fishing. Cloudy days are also more ideal for fishing – as fish feel safer to come out in the lower light conditions. Light rain also disturbs the surface of the water, providing greater “cover” to the angler.

Ok, here’s the video:

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How To Cook Fish On An Open Fire – 3 Methods
How To Cook Fish On An Open Fire – 3 Methods. Photos –

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