How To Build A DIY PVC Self-Feeding Chicken Feeder

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How To Build A DIY PVC Self-Feeding Chicken FeederHow To Build A DIY PVC Self-Feeding Chicken Feeder – Image To Repin / Share
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This “self-feeding” chicken feeder is a deceptively simple DIY project which can be created in a few hours. It doesn’t require advanced skills or any tools that are not readily available. It is made entirely from PVC pipe and fittings, which are readily available and easy material to work with – new ideas are appearing all the time for practical projects like this one!

Chicken feed has to be protected from the rain and this style of feeder does the job brilliantly – it also helps to deter wild birds from helping themselves to the feed and reduces wastage.

See if you can find surplus materials from building work that can be reclaimed before buying new – a lot of pipes, gutters and fittings are thrown away every year and could be re-used for DIY projects. This will save you money on materials and do a bit to protect the environment. Make sure the materials are clean.

Keeping chickens is a key part of having a homestead or small-holding, they are useful for clearing overgrown ground before planting, producing nitrogen-rich fertilizers, eating slugs and other garden pests (don’t let them loose in your vegetable patch though, as they will devastate it very quickly! – any pests that enter the chickens’ domain will soon disappear, slugs can be picked off and thrown to the hens for “recycling”, and of course they provide fresh eggs too!

It’s good to allow hens to roam outdoors and exhibit natural behaviour if possible – they will be healthier and the eggs will contain a more balanced range of nutrients. They need to be kept safe from predators such as foxes or badgers so they need to be securely penned in and kept in a coop at night.

Anyone who keeps chickens will know that it can be a bit restrictive on your lifestyle, much like keeping a dog. If you don’t have a completely secure area, they will need to be shut in every night and let out every morning. Regular feeding is necessary, so taking time out for a vacation means relying on someone else to step in and do what’s needed.

Co-operation with neighbours or being part of a small community will help a lot with the success of a homestead – if you are on your own, then it’s very helpful to find ways to automate some of the daily chores – the height of this chicken feeder can be increased to make the feed last for several days so it could give you a bit of extra freedom!

If you’re new to keeping chickens, you will soon discover that it can be a very rewarding activity! Please check out the resources below and make sure that you learn about good husbandry and any legal requirements for the area where you live.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial:

Further resources:
USA advice:
UK legal requirements:

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How To Build A DIY PVC Self-Feeding Chicken Feeder
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