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Off Grid Log Cabin Built by One Man – Laying Extra-Thick Logs Solo

In an age of modular concrete homes and pre-fabricated furniture, a traditional off-grid log cabin offers a unique blend of nature, rustic charm, affordability and age-old craftsmanship. As Max Egorov from Advoko MAKES illustrates in his time-lapse video, creating a traditional home in a secluded forest area is an exciting experience — as long as you have the necessary natural resources, the right tools, some planning, and are prepared for some real hard work.

The lawyer from St. Petersburg, Russia narrates how he takes time off the hassle of the office to trek into the wilderness — where he works on a series of bushcraft projects. In this particular video, Max takes viewers through the process of building a custom log cabin alone.

Based on the video, here are the typical steps in building a log cabin (in order):

1. Do your research and create a building plan
2. Pick the wood and material you want to use and that is available.
3. Haul the logs to the construction site and debark them.
4. Build the foundation.
5. Set up the flooring.
6. Join and erect the walls.
7. Build the roof.
8. Install windows and doors.
9. Finishing touches—including proper flooring and insulation.
10. Enjoy your work and relax in the beauty of nature. 🙂

While building an off-grid solo is impressive in its own respect, Max takes it a notch higher by moving around and constructing the structure with 1,000-pound logs. And he only uses a bunch of basic hand tools to help—including an adze, a prybar, a chainsaw, a chisel, an axe, and an ingenious A-frame device to move the logs.

In the series of explainer-type videos, he goes through the main steps of cutting large scopes, longitudinal grooves, and notches on the logs before stacking/joining them. Keep in mind, that most resources and materials used in the construction are sourced from the surrounding forest — including moss, which serves as insulation to deter the cold winter weather.

Off Grid Log Cabin Built By One Man Laying Extra-Thick Logs Solo
Off Grid Log Cabin Built by One Man – Laying Extra-Thick Logs Solo – Images:

Building a Cabin from Pallet Wood – Cheap Off-Grid Homestead

Building A Cabin From Pallet Wood Cheap Off Grid Homestead
Building a Cabin from Pallet Wood – Cheap Off-Grid Homestead – Image:

Building an off-grid cabin is a great—whether for a year-round home away from city life or as a vacation home to unwind. It’s low-cost and it hones your survival skills. But while most off-grid DIY cabins in the woods rely on heavy lumber/logs from the surrounding forest cover, a father and son team from TA Outdoors had a different idea—inspired by building a cabin from pallet wood – using reclaimed pallets.

Unlike conventional building materials, pallet wood is eco-friendly, easily accessible to anyone who’s motivated, cheap (or even free), and surprisingly versatile. As the father-son duo in the video demonstrates, all you need is the grit to see the project through, a saw, nails, a hammer, and a pry bar for deconstructing pallets.

When whole, shipping pallets make versatile building blocks and fit the bill for large projects such as the flooring and frame of a cabin. Cast-off or damaged pallets can often be obtained for free and would suffice for a ton of furniture and home improvement projects. There is also the opportunity to “make one good pallet from two bad ones” as often, a pallet is discarded when only partially damaged.

The underlying goal of the TA Outdoors DIY off-grid cabin project was to show people that building a simple cabin in the woods doesn’t have to be expensive. Any savvy do-it-yourselfer with some hand tools, out-of-the-box thinking, and a passion for the great outdoors can build a cheap, low-tech off-grid homestead.

While small, the cabin they built boasts many of the simple necessities one person would need—including a chair, bookshelf, folding table, raised bed, and a woodstove. Of course, there is no kitchen or bathroom so this is going to be more like camping than home life – but if you’ve been putting off plans to build a simple cabin due to financial constraints, give pallets a shot. The YouTube video offers all the inspiration and instructions you need to turn this lightweight material into a paradise in the woods.

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Building A Cabin From Pallet Wood Cheap Off Grid Homestead
Building a Cabin from Pallet Wood – Cheap Off-Grid Homestead – Image:

Amazing $3500 Small Cabin

Amazing $3500 Small CabinPhoto –

Here we have a video that takes you on a tour inside a fantastic cabin that only cost $3,500 to build. The narrator pointed out that the trick in spending less when building a cabin is to be creative and you have to make use / re-use of the available materials near you.

The cabin is 12×24 feet and fully functional with a kitchen, a 3×4 foot bathroom (tiny!), and a loft. It is considered a three season cabin as it is not insulated for winter. There is a wood stove which can provide heat but not much to combat the freezing cold. There is no electricity in the cabin because it is too far from any electricity lines. For lighting, lanterns are used. There is a loft up the stairs but only big enough for children. At the back part of the cabin, there is a bunk bed and a sofa where three adults can sleep comfortably. If you are into a true country style of living then this type of cabin will work for you. Now if you aim to build a cabin without spending much, you will have to do some recycling and some reclamation of used materials.

Owning a house is everyone’s dream. Everybody wants a place where they can kick back and relax but high housing prices prevent most of us from doing that. Thankfully, your determination and resourcefulness will be all you need. The cabin presented in the video is pretty livable aside from the fact that it is not insulated for winter but that can be corrected by installing the necessary features to withstand the cold.

I find the lack of electricity disheartening but if the location of your cabin is also far from the grid then you can of course set up alternative sources of energy such as solar panels or wind turbines. Make sure your alternative power source works with your surroundings.

Ok, here’s the video: