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Simple Off-Grid Cabin That Anyone Can Build & Afford

Looking to ditch the hustle and bustle of the city to reconnect with the great outdoors? Wishing you could build your own cabin but worried about the construction costs and labor that goes into it? Good news – you can use the cabin plans (+ useful tips) offered by Dave and Brooke of Bushradical YouTube channel, to DIY a small (10*12 ft) peaceful and cozy off-grid cabin on the cheap. (PS: You don’t need super-advanced skills to pull this off — just your dedication to the task).

Some of the main considerations include:

• Location: The location is arguably the most important part. It defines the size of the structure and determines whether it serves its purpose. To quote Dave, “pick a spot that feels right… where a cabin feels like it belongs.” Take care to consider what it will be like in different weather conditions, access, safety (under a redwood tree for example puts you at risk of huge falling branches).

• Foundation: With a small cabin, the team suggests that you don’t need to do a “real” foundation. Instead, they used concrete footing pads with wooden piers – and floor joists fitted into notches in the piers.

• Insulation: They used R13 insulation for the plywood floors – good enough to serve the purpose.

• Windows: A great option is to source reclaimed windows still in the frames before starting the build – then these can simply be fitted into the walls.

• Walls: As illustrated in the video, all you have to do is align the top + bottom plates and the 6ft back wall studs where they go, nail everything in place, put it up on the building, flush it, and nail it to the bottom – then repeat for the front wall.

• Rafters: Design one rafter based on the house measurements and use it as a template to make the rest of the roof rafters.

• Roofing and Staining: To cap off their DIY tutorial, Dave and Brooke installed corrugated roof sheets and stained the walls, respectively. This offers protection from the elements.

Watch the video for the full tutorial on how to build a simple off-grid cabin of your own. Keep in mind that it may take longer than you expect and be sure to follow building regulations in your area.

Simple Off Grid Cabin That Anyone Can Build & Afford
Simple Off-Grid Cabin That Anyone Can Build & Afford – Image:

Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel

Ever considered living in a Yurt? If not, peeping into Zach and Nicole’s idea of a yurt (via the Living Big in a Tiny House YouTube Channel by Bryce Langston) is likely to turn you into a believer! The incredible home is a blend of the traditional ‘yurting’ principles and modern amenities.

Yurts have their roots in Asia, where they served as portable homes for nomadic communities. In modern society, their appeal stems from a low environmental footprint that resonates with eco-conscious people, combined with their earthy charm and their low building costs. These are partly the reasons that inspired Zach and Nicole to build a DIY modern yurt in Oregon.

From creating a mobile studio from a used cargo van a few years back, Zach decided to take on a new challenge in the shape of 730-square feet yurt (diameter of 30 feet). The lattice interior supports and beams that form the domed roof hold true to the traditional structure of yurts. This is complemented with a modern take on home décor — giving the living space a captivating architectural and visual edge.

The yurt boasts of an open floor plan with cleaver zoning designs for the seamless organization and maximization of every inch. There’s a central unit that houses a bathroom and holds a bedroom loft above (accessed from a ladder), which is right underneath a circular skylight. On each side of the central unit, there are spaces for an office, the living room, and kitchen.

It’s fair to say that the couple is an inspiration for aspiring ‘Tiny House’ homeowners and DIY enthusiast to explore their own ideas! Ensure you watch the full video for more.

Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel
Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel – Images:

One Man Builds Off Grid Cabin With Hand Tools (Super Inspiring Video!)

He walks across a dry, late summer field to a quiet spot where logs lie in the grass – carrying nothing more than a two-handed saw and an axe. To begin with, you might not think much of it. Keep watching, because very soon it will suddenly hit you that this man is a serious craftsman… and that we are watching a masterpiece in the making.

If you’ve been contemplating the idea of building your own cabin in the near future, then you might find true inspiration from this mesmerizing and impressive YouTube video from the Les ateliers du hameau channel; of a man who demonstrates singlehandedly how to build an off grid cabin with hand tools. What’s even more impressive is that he’s not starting with pre-cut hardware store lumber, but from fallen logs laying on the ground! (more tools and materials are brought in later)

Building an off-grid cabin is no easy feat. It demands a certain skill level, patience, and dedication to the project. It’s a serious workout too! Here are some useful pointers to help (All these steps are illustrated in the time-lapse video):

• Always Start with a Detailed And Well Thought Out Plan: Do you have the right tools for the job? Does the land have natural resources to support your off-grid living? Are you adhering to local planning and building codes/laws? What type of cabin do you want to build?

• Laying the Foundation: There are different types of foundations depending on your budget, the cabin design, and the ground underneath. You can either use concrete pad foundations or treated oak piles, as demonstrated in the video.

• Raising the Walls and Laying the Floor: Raising the walls to create a frame is arguably one of the most satisfying experiences as your off-grid cabin begins to take shape. It’s advisable to carefully consider the type of lumber you use – durability, strength etc. You can see in the video that this isn’t cheap, scrappy hardware store lumber but well-chosen beams that are straight and true.

• Roofing: Once the walls are constructed and window/door openings cut, the next step is typically raising the roof.

• Finish: This includes building the front porch, interior walls, glass panels for the windows/door, painting, etc.

Freedom and adventure await!

One Man Builds Off Grid Cabin With Hand Tools
One Man Builds Off Grid Cabin with Hand Tools – Images: