Awesome Homemade Air Conditioner DIY – Can Be Solar Powered!

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Here’s a smart, cheap and easy low-tech project to make your own air conditioner! It’s made from three common items and can be put together for a small fraction of the cost of a commercial unit. Better still, it can be hooked up to run from a solar panel to minimize the running cost.

The video shows us how to do it – it’s so easy that it would only take a few minutes! However, you will need a couple of tools – a drill and a jigsaw (or a fretsaw would do). If you don’t have these, it should be possible to borrow them from a friend – most keen DIYers have them.

The beauty of this device is that it is easily portable, which means that you can put it just where you need it the most – on a very hot day, this would be right in front of you or underneath your desk!

If you don’t want to cut holes in your food cooler box, it would be possible to make a lid to hold the fan and outlet pipe from a wooden board or a sheet of hard plastic and simply swap the lids over for each purpose.

Air Conditioning is typically one of the most difficult things to run from a solar power setup. Not only is it very energy-hungry, but a standard home AC unit typically has a short ‘spike’ of very high power required to ‘kick on’. This initial power burst can be several thousand watts, out of the reach of small inverters – meaning that you often just can’t get your AC running even if its standard operating power is within the range of your inverter.

However a small fridge-freezer uses much less power – perhaps 100 watts during normal use. So this means you can run your fridge from a small solar setup and use it to freeze bottles of water overnight, which can then be deployed in the homemade AC unit. Now you won’t get as much cooling power as a big AC unit, but if you are off the grid and don’t have a full scale solar setup, you can get some nice cooling from this clever homegrown setup. Freeze water and then use it to cool the air right where you are. Pretty sweet. 🙂

The channel that this video is published on, Desertsun02, has a wide variety of other DIY solar power projects worth checking out.

Low tech for the win!

Ok, here’s the video:

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