7 Vital Steps For Emergency Water Preparation

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In this informative video by City Prepping, we learn about the vital topic of water storage.

It’s eaasy to overlook water but all things considered, it’s perhaps the most important topic for a prepper to address.

City Prepper addresses the following:

1: The Importance Of Water

You can survive without food for much longer than you can survive without water. Poor quality water can also lead to major health problems and even death. When clean, fresh water is unavailable, civilization breaks.

2: The Type Of Storage Containers Available

Look for PETE/PET marking for water storage containers. Best is to buy new and rinse very thoroughly before use. 5 and 7 gallon water containers are a good choice. 55gal are useful for storing higher volume, however once full these are going to be almost impossible to move.

3: Where To Store Your Water

The main concern is to keep out of sunlight. A cool, clean, dry location is recommended.

4: How To Prepare Your Containers And Water For Long Term Storage

Containers should be brand new. They should certainly not have previously been used for any type of chemicals or gasoline (super important) as no matter how many times you rinse them, there will still be residue. Food grade barrels that have previously been used for food are probably not ideal for water use – however these are commonly used for rainwater collection for non-potable purposes (i.e. garden watering or toilet flushing). I once purchased 55gal blue plastic barrels that came from the food industry and had been used to store capers. I attempted to wash them out numerous times to get rid of the smell and it never truly went away 100%.

Containers where the previous use was unknown, should be avoided for drinking water use – because you just don’t know.

Containers should be capped / closed so that no contaminants get in.

5: How Much Water Should You Store

1 gallon of water per person per day is advised as a good bare minimum for survival. Ready.gov recommends that everyone stores a minimum of 3 days’ worth of emergency water. You could then gradually build up your supply to provide longer term security.

6: Where To Find Water When The Water Infrastructure In Your Area Has Been Damaged

According to city prepper, cistern water (boiled) should be ok to use. Some residual water will remain in the pipes and this can be extracted in an emergency. Rainwater catchment can be rigged up. If you have a swimming pool, the water could potentially be used, so long as it is free from contamination.

7: Making Water Safe To Drink

There are 3 fundamental ways – Boiling, filtration, treatment.

Boiling: Bringing water to a rolling boil for 3 to 5 mins is advised, however this doesn’t remove toxic contaminants and also uses a lot of energy.

Filtration: High quality water filters should always be considered – such as the Berkey or the MSR Guardian

Treatment: Water preserver can be purchased online and pure bleach can be used at the correct concentration (similar to the level of chlorine that is added to the tap water supply). 8 drops of bleach to 1gal of water is considered the right amount. The bleach should not have any thickeners, additives or scent added.

7 Vital Steps For Emergency Water Preparation
7 Vital Steps For Emergency Water Preparation – Graphic © off-grid.info. Images: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHTSwPnivbU

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