6 Different Ways To Make Compost, No Matter Where You Live

6 Different Ways To Make Compost, No Matter Where You Live
6 Different Ways To Make Compost, No Matter Where You Live. Photos – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO4HdrIXnVU

Adding mineral-rich compost to your farm or garden provides essential nutrients that enrich the soil—improving its water-holding ability, structure, food web, and drainage. Luckily for gardeners, you can make compost wherever you live. There are different composting methods depending on space and other needs. Here are 6 examples by Kevin from Epic Gardening:

1. Hot Composting: With hot composting, the main idea is to prevent heat from escaping the system – hence speeding up the microbial decomposition process. A relatively large compost bin, with the correct carbon:nitrogen ratio, is placed in the sun. This method demands regular maintenance and turning to keep the temperature at optimal levels.

2. Cold Composting (Passive Composting): A cold compost requires minimal maintenance (i.e., no need of turning) but it takes several months to produce compost.

3. Compost Tumblers: Composting tumblers are often made from 55-gallon drums and they feature a support structure to hold them up—plus an axle for turning the whole unit. They help keep the decomposing waste material out of sight while making the aeration/turning process easy.

4. Worm Composting: Worms such as Red Wigglers turn out to be excellent composters. They prefer to live in an opaque structure with a bedding material for reproduction and decomposition.

5. Bokashi Composting: The Bokashi composting method is high in nutrients and it’s usable in merely 10 days. It’s unique in that it ferments organic material rather than decomposing it as is the characteristic of other compost methods.

6. Direct Burying: This method is as simple as digging a hole, filling it with organic material, covering it with dirt, and leaving worms/bacteria to do the rest. However, the process is slow and you have to be selective over what you bury. See our post of 7 Things You Can Bury In the Garden To Improve The Soil

Whichever composting method tickles your fancy, it’s a good idea to enrich your soils and facilitate a bountiful harvest.

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6 Different Ways To Compost, No Matter Where You Live
6 Different Ways To Compost, No Matter Where You Live. Photos – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO4HdrIXnVU

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