5 Ways To Start A Fire Using Water

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5 Ways to Start a Fire Using Water
5 Ways To Start A Fire Using Water. Photo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCyHC7lnMyQ

In a survival situation, fire is a necessity. Fire is needed to keep you warm, cook food, disinfect water, sterilize tools, ward off insects, keep you cheerful and many more. If you are stranded out in the wilderness, or deserted island without lighters or matches and not knowing how to produce fire from scratch then your chances of surviving goes significantly down.

The most commonly mentioned method of fire starting in the wilderness is rubbing two sticks together but that technique is not as easy as you may think. Good thing there is another method to start fire from scratch… and that is water. Who would have thought that using water to make fire is possible? But with the right procedure, you will find that it can be done. The video shows you five ways to start a fire using water and all of them have one common element; the water acts in a similar manner to a magnifying glass – focusing the sun’s rays to tinder. The others make use of various materials, many of which are very common. A key aspect of survival making use of resources that others do not have the knowledge and skill to utilize 😉

1. Water and light bulb. To do this you need one of the old-style incandescent bulbs. Do not try it with a compact fluorescent (CFL / “spiral bulb”)! Cut a hole at the bulb’s metal base and remove the glass stem and the wires attached to it. Clean out any white residue inside the bulb and once it’s clear, fill it with water. Now the light bulb is converted to a magnifying glass!

2. Water and plastic “cling wrap”. Cut off a piece of transparent plastic wrap and put it in a cup or bowl, then fill it with water. Gather the edges of the plastic together and twist to close the top, tightening it up until it becomes a ball filled with water.

3. Water, Plastic Wrap and Picture Frame. Take an empty picture frame and cover it in plastic wrap. Make sure the sheet covers the whole frame and wraps around the edges to hold it tight. Rest the edges of the frame on something, on both sides, holding it perhaps a foot from the ground, although you may need to adjust the height. Then, pour water into the plastic wrap. The plastic wrap sink in the middle, forming a lens that can be used like a magnifying glass for the sun’s rays.

4. Water and Plastic Bottle. Take a clear plastic bottle and remove its label then fill it up with water. Now you understand why bottles carelessly discarded in a dry forest can be a serious fire hazard!

5. Sodium and Water. Well, most people are unlikely to have pure sodium laying around, unless you are a lab tech. So this is more of a “factoid” although the video does give a demonstration. When sodium and water are mixed together in the right conditions, they will burst into flame. Note that this has to be pure sodium and not sodium chloride.

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Note of course that you should only attempt to light fire in a place where it is safe to do so. You should never light fire in dry wilderness areas with combustible brush, forests prone to forest fires or any other areas where fires are prohibited.

Ok, here’s the video tutorial:

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