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Honey On Tap – New Flow Hive Allows You To Harvest Honey At Home

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A new invention has created a way to tap honey directly without the need to open the hive! This captured the imagination of the beekeeping community worldwide. Dubbed as the Flow Hive, the product was the brainchild of Australian engineer Stu Anderson and his son, Cedar. Their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo was so popular that it only took eight minutes to meet the $70,000 target! The virality of this campaign astounded the crowdfunding world.

The Flow Hive allows beekeepers to simply insert a tap to harvest honey. The honey is released from a set of plastic half-built combs which have embedded split cell system. The cool-looking beehive allows users just to turn the spigot from which the honey comes out.

Stu and Cedar claimed that the Flow Hive could provide honey on a tap in a way that was less stressful for the bees than traditional methods. They designed the product with parts that could be incorporated into a conventional stacked Langstroth hive. These include the plastic combs which can be shifted to extract honey through the special tubing.

Some veteran and natural beekeepers were not receptive of the Flow Hive. They complained that the device would promote a lower quality of beekeeping. They also raised concerns about more bee-health problems that the Flow Hive might encourage. Their animosity was also linked to the product’s depiction of honey harvesting as disrespectful and antagonistic to the bees.

However Flow Hive had received orders from more than 140 countries. More than 35,000 people had purchased their product which was not cheap either with a price of $599.

Despite the commotion caused by the Flow Hive in the beekeeping community, the Australian startup stresses that it remains committed to raising awareness of how crucial bees are to human survival. For the Andersons and their team, Flow Hive is all about sustainability and recognition of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.

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Honey On Tap – New Flow Hive Allows You To Harvest Honey At Home
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Sperm Whales Found Dead In Germany, Stomachs FULL Of Plastic And Car Parts

Sperm Whales Found Dead In Germany, Stomachs FULL Of Plastic And Car Parts
image – (under license)

It is now becoming widely known that astonishing quantities of plastics are building up in our oceans daily. But who is really tackling this problem at the scale that on which it needs to be addressed? According to an alarming study published by the World Economic Forum in January 2016, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. The same study revealed the massiveness of plastic disposed by humans that this material ends up being eaten by humans. People are now ingesting plastic, thanks to ocean pollution.

Marine pollution leads to plastic and other trash being ingested by sea animals. This disturbing fact was discovered when thirteen sperm whales tragically washed up near the German state of Schleswig-Holstein in 2016. Researchers conducted a necropsy of the whales and found out that four of the marine mammals had large amounts of plastic waste in their stomach. According to the Wadden Sea National Park, the garbage included a 13-meter-long shrimp fishing net, a plastic car engine cover, and the remains of a plastic bucket.

Ursula Siebert, head of the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, clarified that the marine litter did not directly cause the stranding. Her team examined the sperm whales and attributed their death to the animals accidentally venturing into shallow seas.

However, scientists believe that the high levels of toxins from ocean pollution could have caused stress on the whales’ brain that may have caused disorientation. They also blamed changes in local weather due to special conditions in the North Atlantic which may have influenced warm water and prey distribution and storm activities.

Some suggest that the litter was mistaken by the whales as food, such as squid, which is their main diet. Others too linked the travesty to humanity’s shocking disregard for marine life, which resulted in an overabundance of plastic in the oceans. Schleswig-Holstein environmental minister Robert Habeck, criticized humans’ plastic-oriented society. He noted that sea animals suffer and starve with full stomachs to their inadvertent consumption of plastic and plastic waste.

The National Geographic reiterated that the plastic did not kill the young male sperm whales. Their demise was brought by heart failure after mistakenly swimming into the North Sea and not being able to support their own body weights in the shallow water. But the large quantity of plastic stuck in their stomachs highlights the problem we face today. Plastic is an environmental catastrophe.

Whale researcher Hal Whitehead described the plastic debris in the whales’ stomachs as a horrible indictment of humans. He couldn’t hide his disappointment in mankind, a species with a smaller brain than a whale, for such a travesty.

Mass extinction in the oceans is inevitable unless there are profound and prompt changes in human behavior. Mankind’s continued use of plastic will not bode well for the future of our oceans and the marine wildlife. Personal and political motivation should be mustered to rethink our packaging and zero-waste approach to consumer goods.

Bold moves are needed to transform our oceans into healthy habitats for whales, sharks, and other marine species.

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This Amazing “007 Ring” Is An Survival Essential That Could Save Your Life

This Amazing 007 Ring Is An Survival Essential That Could Save Your Life
graphic – Image – Amazon – Titanium Escape Ring

This awesome and “normal-looking” stainless steel ring (Amazon link) has a secret recess in the back that conceals a special shim / mini saw!

How cool is this 007-style gadget? Sure to be a hit with your survivalist friends – and it might even save you from a bad situation one day!

This mini-tool, it is claimed, can be used to open single-locked handcuffs. The saw can cut zip-ties, disposable handcuffs, duct tape, rope and other non-metallic materials.

The deployment and use of concealed escape tools is one of the special tricks mastered by escape artists.

There are various other things you might want to consider if you are serious about this topic, but please note – we are not condoning illegal activity.

Note that modern handcuffs are typically the “double-locked” variety and are easy for most people to obtain. It’s not just the police that have them!

If you should find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being kidnapped, it is likely that a kidnapper would cuff your hands behind your back – unless they are stupid – making escape harder. So it is recommended by survivalists to practice escaping. Do so with a friend close by to help you out if you get stuck, this is not the sort of thing you want to attempt alone!

To escape double-locked cuffs you would want to have a specially concealed actual handcuff key (which you can also buy on Amazon!). This one we found got good reviews and one reviewer reported they worked as advertised on Peerless, S&W, and ViperTek cuffs.

This key has a clip enabling it to be clipped onto a shirt etc. Unless you really are James Bond, we don’t advise taking it as far as Houdini – who, it is rumored, actually trained to swallow a handcuff key and was able to regurgitate it, enabling him to escape from cuffs as one of his many escape tricks!

Another awesome escape tool to consider would be this Ceramic Razor Blade. These special ceramic blades cannot be picked up my a metal detector. It is also very small at 30mmx10mm – meaning it is easy to conceal, perhaps sewn into the hem of clothing. This would then enable you to cut tape, ropes, plastic cuffs, etc.

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This Amazing 007 Ring Is An Survival Essential That Could Save Your Life
graphic – Image – Amazon – Titanium Escape Ring