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5 Top Fishing Techniques To Ensure Your Survival

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5 Top Fishing Techniques To Ensure Your Survivalimage – pixabay.com (CC0)

Fish is a highly nutritious food source, allowing for long-term survival and giving you a highly energized body – an important factor if you are stranded in the wild. They are relatively easy to catch, unlike trying to hunt wild land animals. Here are 5 survival fishing techniques to practice:

Fishing technique #1: Making an improvised fishing rod:

If you do get lost, then chances are you won’t have any fishing equipment on you – however, these materials should be obtained as best you can, so you can make a good improvised rod.

For a Fishing Hook, you can use:
• Thorns
• Wishbone from a bird.
• Cutting up a used soda can.
• Safety pins/ Paperclips/ Nails.
• Needles.
For a fishing line, you can use:
• Wiring pieces.
• A thread from any clothing.
• Sinew, found from deer legs.
You then need to attach these onto your solid hand-line; you can use tree branches, poles or anything else long and hard.
What about fishing bait?
• Feathers
• Cloth
• Jewelry with bright metal (earrings)

Fishing Technique #2:Noodling (Hand Fishing)

This can be very difficult for small fish populations and deep water, but if you are lucky to be near water that’s not too cold, and its populated with bigger fish – then this may be your best option.
Best fish to catch with Noodling:
• Suckers
• Catfish

Fishing Technique #3: Spear Fishing

Similar to noodling, this technique requires enormous patience and practice, whilst targeting the bigger fish in shallow waters.
Simply find a piece of wood, bone or even metal, then carve a sharp point on one end.
Go into the water and bring the sharp end down onto the target.
Top tip:
Be aware of the refractive qualities of water, making things appear in a slightly different place underwater to their actual position. Learn exactly where you have to aim for a perfect strike. It is more effective doing this in the dark with a flash light.

Fishing Technique #4: Making a fish net

If you are faced with small areas of water, which host a large quantity of small fish, then a fish net may be your most recommended tool.
You need two sticks, and any of the following materials to act as the stretched net:
• Wire or nylon mesh
• Cloth
• Shirt
Or anything else that will be capable of scooping up a big handful of fish.

Fishing Technique #5:Poisoning your fish

What? This may sound shocking, but you would be using completely natural sources:
• Buckeye
• Mullein.
• Black Walnut and lime
These can be crushed up, then placed into the shallow pool of water. Note that this would only work in a small pool and this technique should not be used unless in a true survival situation. Don’t even think about using some chemical, because not only would that be polluting but you would not want to eat this anyway.

Safety Note: Never eat raw fish from the wild, they may contain dangerous parasites. We have lots of tutorials on making fire and improvised cooking equipment.

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