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20 Survival Uses For Pantyhose

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20 Survival Uses For Pantyhoseimage © Kaspars Grinvalds – fotolia.com

Pantyhose has surprising potential as a multi-purpose survival tool! It has many uses in a survival situation. It is light, hardly consumes any space, and will only cost you a few bucks. Here are 20 ways you can use pantyhose during a survival situation:

1. As a rope – You’ll be able to improvise cordage with a pair of pantyhose to tie objects together in case you don’t have rope around. The elasticity and strength of the pantyhose makes it a good substitute for rope.

2. As a belt – You can use it to hold your pants up.

3. Catch crabs – Crabs are difficult to catch if you don’t have the proper equipment. Place the bait in the toe of the hose and dangle it in the water so that it’s sitting on the bottom. Crab will (apparently) get stuck in the netting and you can just lift the hose up to remove the crabs.

4. Hunt small animals – Catch small game by inserting a heavy stone into the leg of the pantyhose, knotting it and then slinging it like a real bola at the animal.

5. Fix your vehicle – Pantyhose can be used as a temporary fan belt. It won’t last long but it may give you enough time to get your vehicle to the nearest garage.

6. Stay warm – Nylons make the perfect insulation during cold weather. Wear a pair under your pants to help keep you warm.

7. Prevent blisters – Strap on a pair of nylons under your hiking socks. It can help prevent blisters if you are out walking all day.

8. Prevent Bug Bites – You can wear pantyhose under your shorts or pants to protect against chiggers or insect bites. You can also wear them in the water to protect from jellyfish stings and leaches.

9. As a mosquito net – Cut several pantyhose lengthwise and stitch them together to make a mosquito net. [Editor’s note, all that sewing seems ridiculous, just get a mosquito net!]

10. Store small items – You can use pantyhose to store small items like nuts and bolts, pill bottles, etc. It is also great for storing berries, nuts and herbs when you are foraging.

11. Store your food – Turning pantyhose into a mesh bag will allow you to aerate fruits, vegetables and herbs.

12. Dry your food – Put food in pantyhose and hang it in the sun to dry out.

13. Dry your tinder – Your tinder is useless when it is damp. If that happens put it in pantyhose and hang to dry.

14. Catch bait – If you stretch hose over a forked stick then skim it through the water, you may be able to catch some bait fish that you can use to catch bigger ones.

15. As a Mask – It won’t keep the toxins out but if you have to walk through an area with heavy ash or dust in the air, putting pantyhose over your face will help filter the larger debris so that you’re not sucking all of the dust into your lungs.

16. For first aid – You can utilize pantyhose as a tourniquet or to hold and secure a bandage or hot and cold pack.

17. Filter water – Pantyhose can act as a filter for water to remove any leaves and large debris.

18. Sprout Seeds – Put several seeds in the toe of a pair of pantyhose and wet it twice daily, then hang them up. Your seeds will sprout in a few days.

19. Potting plants – When potting plants, layer soil in the mesh of pantyhose at the bottom layer of your pot. This will allow the water to strain, yet keep the soil intact.

20. Protect your garden – Fill up a few pantyhose sacks with some human or dog hair and tie them around the perimeter of the garden. The scent is said to deter deer and some other animals from your garden.

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